Dasha Mazurka is a model for an open source in performing arts

This means presenting the creation or practice in a form that it is possible for anyone interested to track down and re-use it's means and content. The ideas, scores, primary sources, technical requirements and documents of result presented in this frame are available for observation, adaptation and further development.

The creation Doubt in Frame / Queen of Sweden Killed Descartes is presented in Dasha Mazurka -framework as an example of an open source. It is a case study to test the frame and how it functions. At the moment Dasha Mazurka does not yet function as an open source itself, but as a proposal for a frame to open the source material of a creation or a practice. Continue to contents of this creation:


Queen of Sweden Killed Descartes

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Six different aspects in six different colors

Each color represents a different category of information. Aim reveals the desired outcome or the initial direction. Result is the actual outcome or the documentation of the outcome of the creative work, research or practice. Score is the uttered or written instruction for an act. Source presents the found, stolen or borrowed materials that are or have been used in the the work. Technics articulates the technical requirements for the action. Makers are the persons involved.

There is also a list of modules presenting the singular entities that the creation or practice is consisting, such as: scenes, dances, songs, visual images... Some modules are including all the categories of information and some just a few. This depends on the stage of development and the nature of that module. For an example a module can articulate just as an idea or a fragment of source material as a result of a research.

Modules presenting all aspects of work are the parts of creation or practice that are "ready" and perhaps already being presented to an audience. Not all the modules need to arrive to this stage, but they are still visibly present in the open source as a part of the process. This extends the creation beyond what is presented to the live audience.


On the next stage Dasha Mazurka will be developed into a dynamic frame – a webpage that anyone can use as a tool in the context of performing arts. This means that you will be able to notate and share your own creation or practice by using this frame. You can use it as a private tool or a frame to articulate and present your work to others. You can also initiate collaborative projects that utilize the Dasha Mazurka Open Source as a platform to share and develop ideas, scores, results and sources among the members of the project. The dynamic version can be used as well for crowd sourcing and common peer production in the domain of performing arts.


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